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If you love Adventures and value Ventures, let us make your vacation work for you. Own a piece of your vacation forever and create your life by design.

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Embark on a life of extraordinary experiences with Ventures With Adventures - the ultimate Vacation Lifestyle Program that redefines how you live, travel, and invest. Prepare to be captivated by our unparalleled offerings, combining unforgettable adventures with the solid backing of real estate.


What sets us apart is our unique model - your vacation can actually pay for itself, enabling you to indulge in even more incredible escapes. Yes, you read that right! Say goodbye to monthly or annual fees, because with us, it's all about "Get it! Forget it! But Use it!"


With a seasoned team proficient in crafting thrilling journeys and acquiring/managing ventures, we bring over 35 years of expertise in real estate, surpassing USD $25 million in successful projects. Our portfolio includes an array of properties ranging from vacation rentals, short-term rentals, single-family homes, student housing, duplexes, triplexes, multifamily apartments, industrial spaces, and commercial establishments across the US and Canada.


Ventures With Adventures is backed by Jennifer Hunt, a visionary sponsor who steers the program's strategic and financial direction, as well as curates an exceptional lifestyle and property selection. Their over a decade-long experience in owning and operating short-term vacation rentals in North America ensures your dreams come alive as your vacations seamlessly work for you.


As for the adventures themselves, we have honed our craft by creating awe-inspiring experiences for hundreds of thousands of guests. With an impressive repertoire of hundreds of events and trips, VWA adventures are flawlessly executed - leaving you with nothing to worry about except savoring every moment.


Allow us, along with our expert team, to be your trusted captains, guiding you through the world of Ventures With Adventures. Embrace a life designed by your desires, supported by real estate, with endless possibilities awaiting you. Get ready for a future brimming with remarkable Ventures with Adventures!

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